About us

Our History, Beliefs and Staff

The purpose of Holly Tree Bible Church is to glorify God by the building up of the Body of Christ through the ministry of the Word of God, exercising our individual spiritual gifts in service to others, personal godliness, and proclaiming the person and work of Christ at home and abroad.

Who We Are

Holly Tree Bible Church, formerly known as Holly Tree Chapel, is a Bible church holding to the testimony of Jesus Christ (Revelation 1:2) with a rich history dating back to 1972. Today, we have a small, friendly congregation.

We operate independently so we are of no particular Christian denomination, and there is no formal prescribed belief system or organization that governs us, therefore we welcome visitors from all denominations.The Church’s governing documents – a Constitution and a set of By-Laws – were adopted by a vote of the congregation in May of 2016.

Over the years the church has been well served by men God has called to lead the congregation in worship and to provide teaching from God’s Word. Our current pastor, Dr. Tim G. Mink, has been serving in this role since 2011.

Our History

It is impossible to separate the history of Holly Tree Bible Church from the history of Holly Lake Ranch. The developers of Holly Lake Ranch, Bill McKenzie and Jack Wilson, always intended for a place of worship to be part of the Holly Lake Ranch community. Jack Wilson has said, “When the church was founded, it was formed to be an evangelical, Bible-believing, Bible-teaching, Christ-centered fellowship. Denomination and tradition were not emphasized, and all were invited to attend.”

From the very beginning, services were held in various homes and other buildings. As the population grew, an outdoor chapel was constructed south of the Holly Lake dam with the first services held there in August of 1972. The current site at 1620 South FM 2869 was obtained in 1976 followed by reconstruction of another outdoor chapel on the new grounds.

In 2017, the congregation voted to adopt a new constitution and a new set of bylaws that changed governance of the church from a Board of Trustees to an Elder Board supported by a Board of Deacons.

In 2019 the church also voted to change the name of Holly Tree Chapel to Holly Tree Bible Church. The purpose of the change was to more accurately reflect the fact that we are a church versus just a wedding/funeral chapel and that our focus is on the word of God and the testimony of Jesus Christ (Revelation 1:2).

Over the years the church has been well served by men God has called to lead the congregation in worship and to provide teaching from God’s word. Those men are Jackie Deere, Tex Williams, Bob Northcutt, Luther Schliesser, Jewell Smoot, Charles Reece, Louis Gant and Paul Myers. Paul Myers who came to the church as pastor in 2000 retired at the end of 2010, and our current pastor, Dr. Tim G. Mink, began his ministry at Holly Lake Bible Church on October 2, 2011.

Meet Our Pastor, Dr. Tim G. Mink

I love to study the Word of God and motivate my congregation to read, study and apply their faith in daily Christian living. Currently I serve as the senior pastor at Holly Tree Bible Church. I was ordained at Scofield Memorial Church in Dallas, in 1984. My work experience includes administration and teaching at the seminary graduate level. I am currently teaching through the Book of Hebrews on Wednesday evenings, the Book of Matthew at our Friday Men’s Bible study group, and I typically preach through a book of the Bible on Sunday mornings. I will soon begin a series on the Olivet Discourse of Christ [Matthew 24-25]. I have been widowed for the past seven years, after a wonderful marriage to Hope Harmon Mink, which lasted 42 years, with six sons—and five grand-daughters.

Our Staff

Music Team

Robert Staddon

Worship Leader

Benjamin Cahill


Alex Ward



Jeannette Lewis

Senior Secretary

Callie Countryman

Assistant Secretary

Financial Staff

Melba Miller


Francine Evans

Assistant Treasurer

Children’s Teachers

Suzan Armstrong

(Ages 4-8)

Alyne Harrell

(Ages 4-8)

Catherine Overby

(Ages 4-8)

Kendalyn Staddon

(Ages 4-8)

Kathryn Moore

(Ages 4-8)

Diane Bowman

Nursery (Ages 1-3)

Francine Evans

Junior Church (Ages 9-12)

Our Facilities

Take a “photo” tour of our facilities; but better yet, visit us in person next Sunday!